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Texas Home Equity - 50(a)(6)

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General Information

  • Memorandum: Texas Home Equity Update - SJR 60 - Texas voters approved Proposition 2 by a margin of 68.61% to 31.39%. Prop. 2 as it was often referred brings changes to Section 50, Article XVI of the Texas Constitution as prescribed by Senate Joint Resolution 60 (‘SJR 60’). The changes took effect January 1, 2018 therefore lenders that offer Texas home equity loans will need to update their procedures and their forms ahead of the effective date. The Finance Commission of Texas and the Texas Credit Union Commission issued proposed interpretations to implement these changes which appear in the November 24, 2017 issue of the Texas Register. This memorandum offers a summary of the changes and implementation tips.

  • White Paper: Changes to Texas Home Equity Lending 2017 - Changes to Texas Home Equity Lending 2017 - Survey of the top ten issues Texas home equity lenders face, including discussion of S.J.R. 60 and why the vote on November 7, 2017 matters. Presented by Thomas F. Vetters II at 51st Annual William W. Gibson, Jr., Mortgage Lending Institute, September 28-29, 2017, AT&T Conference Center, Austin, TX